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Our Vision

Delivering positivity to businesses, employees and funding partners through exceptional service and deliverability of real time funding solutions.

Fresh Thinking Capital was founded to provide alternative funding and advisory to SMEs. We tailor funding options to your business rather than fitting the business to a specific funding product.

We are open minded, sensible and flexible individuals who offer solutions rather than problems.

We are principal lenders with committed funds who make short term loans from £100,000 to £2m to SMEs across the UK for periods of up to 24 months.
Our decision-making process is extremely quick, and execution follows smoothly thereafter.

We can typically transact within five days from first seeing the business. We also help SMEs navigate the credit markets and offer advisory expertise to raise funding outside of our funds. With a 20-year track record in investing, we are an experienced team well positioned to support the SMEs with their growth plans, special situations, and opportunities to move quickly.

Our answer to everything is “Yes”. Either we can provide it, or we have a contact in our network who can.


Creating a culture of warmth, happiness and a fun place to work with a strong work ethic
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We all possess a positive can-do attitude
capital funding leeds
Be adventurous. Be creative and Be open-minded
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We are open, honest and act with integrity taking personal responsibility for our actions with our clients and each other. We very much value the relationships that we create
“In the middle of every
difficulty lies opportunity”

Albert Einstein

“Don’t count the days,
make the days count”

Muhammad Ali

“The difference between winning
and losing is most often not quitting”

Walt Disney

“The best way of learning about
anything is by doing”

Richard Branson

“Be yourself. Everyone else
is already taken”

Oscar Wilde

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