We make short term loans from Β£100,000 to Β£2m to SMEs across the UK for periods of up to 24 months. We typically lend for 12 months.

Our Process

Business funding


Understand the opportunity in an initial conversation.
Review financial information to support the initial conversation.

Business funding

Agreement in Principal

If there is a deal that works, we will visit the client to discuss the funding and terms of it.

Business funding

Confirmation of Terms

If interest, we will issue Terms within 24 hours of the initial meeting.

Business funding


Once signed lawyers will be instructed.

Business funding

of Loan

Monies are paid out typically within five days (depending on complexity of security and consents required) from signing the Offer of Terms Letter and lawyers instructed.

Our Core Requirements

Business advice

This can be provided in numerous ways and doesn’t all have to come from the business lending the monies;

Business advice

Affordability of Interest Payments;

Business advice

Clear Exit strategy for the repayment of monies;

Clear, transparent pricing.

We like to keep things simple - Transparency on all fees guaranteed.

business advice from fresh thinking capital Set Up Fee

2-4% of the loan amount.

business development services Legal Fees

To be paid by the client. A fixed fee agreed at the outset.

business funding leeds Interest Rate

we price on risk from 1.5% a month.

business growth advice london Exit Fee

Dependent on each deal.

business growth funding leeds Fees and interest

Costs can be rolled into the loan dependent on each deal and exit strategy.

business growth support london Length of term

typically 12 months but can occasionally fund up to 24 months. We provide unregulated funding.

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