Annabel Todd – Q&A

By freshthinkingcapital

Posted on 25th November 2019

Our Regional Sales Director talks about her time at Fresh Thinking Capital and what the future holds.

How long have you been with Fresh Thinking Capital?

I have been with FTC for just under 12months.

What attracted you to Fresh Thinking Capital as an employer?

I was attracted to FTC for numerous reasons. The commercial attitude to lending; the approach to how we deal with our clients and the appetite to lend are all key reasons but fundamentally it came down to working with a team, and founders, who are ambitious, focused, determined but with integrity and having a down to earth, straight talking approach in everything we do. We want to work with our clients and help them seize opportunity and look for solutions where it may seem there are none, this is deep rooted in all of us and as we want our clients to see us as trusted partners who work with them to find solutions which work for all parties. Being surrounded by a team that are truly client centric is just amazing. It was clear when I was first introduced to FTC these values are fundamental and working with likeminded people, who are hungry to grow and succeed but in a sustainable and respectable way were and are the reason I choose to be part of the FTC team.

What are your particular strengths/specialisms?

I am lucky enough to have had experience is a range of lending from ABL, Development Finance, Trade, Construction and Secured lending. This has allowed me to apply certain ‘hats’ when I look at opportunities and I always ensure whatever I structure or advise clients is what I truly believe is best for them. I have no interest in building a lending book which is purely based on getting money out. It is easy to sell money; it is getting it back that is key and making sure that our money truly adds value to an SME or entrepreneur is key. I pride myself on having traditional lending values but with a commercial approach and strive to help my clients no matter what that may be.

I have a strong national network having worked all over the UK which really helps in understanding the differences in certain markets and geographies. I have also spent a lot of time with investors, serial entrepreneurs and people from a range of backgrounds and I am always looking for ways to bring people together where I think they would benefit from the relationship and do business together. I am a true believer that there is enough business out there for everyone and that ensuring the correct approach will mean our SME’s thrive.

What are your ambitions for the next year/2 years?

I want the North West to be FTC’s biggest region. I see so much opportunity in the North West, we have such an amazing community of entrepreneurs, SME’s and serial investors and I want to be known as the go-to for anything related to SME’s and entrepreneurs acting on opportunities. Working with key partners such as the retail banks, challenger banks, Financial Directors, IFA’s, wealth manager, accountants and brokers (to name just a few) will be an important part of this, and we have made great strides in the 12 months to become a trusted partner for many. I want this to continue and for us to continue building on the relationships we have.

The people we bring on are an integral part of this and building an ambitious, competitive team while maintaining strong values and without any politics is also key. We are a team of go-getters and doers and I want to continue building this in the north west. I am truly excited for the next 12-24 months and what I know we can deliver to the market.

How do you see business in the North West developing in that time?

I believe FTC as a business will thrive and once we have the opportunity to work with ambitious SME’s and entrepreneurs, we will become ‘part of their armour’. Our book will be solid and we although we will achieve growth, we will only do this by doing the right deals for the right people. FTC is very much putting the foundations in place to be here for a very long time and I want the North West to be a driving force of the business.

What are the best things about the NW for businesses and as a place to live?

We are a region of grafters. Of doers. I love the North West because of how straight talking, how ambitious we are but with no pretence. Our cities are incredible, each unique with their own personality and we have some of the most beautiful places in the world to call ours. We have a history of strength and resilience which I see every day. We have a lot to offer on a global scale and believe we can achieve a lot.

From a personal perspective I love not only how friendly and approachable people are but how much everyone truly wants to help me on the FTC journey.

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