The Situation

We were approached by an established entrepreneur who had started their business 13 years ago and built it up from scratch to a staggering £120m turnover. The client already had a relationship and funding facility with a mainstream lender, which supported the working capital of the current business backed by the business’ strong financial background.

As our client continued to grow, they went on an ambitious mergers and acquisitions drive to increase their brand’s footprint across the UK. During this, our client saw a huge opportunity to make several key business acquisitions to expand the scope and profitability of their current business. The client naturally approached their bank first for the funding to make the acquisitions, however, the bank was unable to commit any further funds than what their current funding facility was at to support the acquisitions at the pace required.

The synergies of the target businesses with our client’s business were a natural fit for one another. This resulted in our client agreeing a favourable deal with a private equity house to fund the acquisitions; although, despite providing funding to make the business acquisitions, the PE house was unable to provide working capital funding to support the cash flow of the acquisitions. Therefore, our client needed a bridge loan for a business acquisition to provide the remaining funds needed and to support the working capital of the acquired businesses.

Where We Came In

After meeting with the client and looking at the proposed acquisitions, we put together a package of funding tailored toward the business’ current circumstances.

We lent £1,000,000 to inject the funds into his business by way of director’s loan so he could complete the acquisitions and also provide working capital to support the new businesses whilst our client put his improvement plan into place.

Our funding complimented the bank’s current facility to provide them with enough capital to make the acquisitions possible at the pace they needed to be made at. The client liked the flexibility that we could take security that was unrelated to the business and lend to him personally.

Term: 12 Months

Timing: 7 days to complete

Security: 2nd charge over a residential property | A personal guarantee.

The Result

The client used our short-term funding to successfully finalise the acquisitions. These acquisitions are now being smoothly integrated into the client’s main business and the client is on target to meet their financial forecasts. We work closely with our clients to ensure not only do they receive the funding on time but it will also help them seize the right opportunities at the right time.