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Coffee and a cake? An FTC case study


The food and drink sector is a notoriously tough nut to crack. And with its vast array of brands that fight for market share, coming across a successful brand that is up for sale is an opportunity too good to miss.

The Opportunity

That was the dilemma for two consultants who had spent the last 30 years in the food and drink market. The experienced individuals were presented with an opportunity that fulfilled their ambition of acquiring an established business that they could then use their network and know-how to expand.

The business held the rights to a very prestigious coffee brand and our clients saw the opportunity to expand it further, domestically and internationally. However, they didn’t have the liquidity they needed to make the purchase. And in the timescales required to secure the opportunity, going to a bank for the loan would have been out of the question. That’s when they came to us.

The Solution

We understand that speed of action is crucial in seizing an opportunity. Our solution was to simplify what would have been a complex bank deal. This approach allowed a loan of £275,000 to be paid – within two weeks of the paperwork being completed to the cash being in the clients’ bank.

It was only the pace with which we were able to drawdown the loan that enabled our clients to add a very strong brand to their portfolio. They now have the option to repay using their own capital or refinance with a bank now they have the time to go through that process.

The way forward

Our clients were extremely impressed with the agility and creativity we used to make this deal happen. Moving forward, they are looking at the scope they have to purchase other brands. And the team here at Fresh Thinking Capital are working with them to provide the support required to capitalise on any further unmissable business opportunities that arise.

This is just one example of how we are able to help businesses make the most of opportunities when other lenders can’t. Talk to us about getting our expertise working for you today.

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