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Our lending process

  • Initial Enquiry

    Understand the opportunity, funding required and security available. FTC to review supporting cash flows and financial information.

  • Agreement in principle

    After reviewing and assessing the best funding option, we will visit the client to discuss options.

  • Confirmation of terms

    If FTC can support the transaction, credit backed terms will be issued within 24 hours of the initial meeting and receiving the information requested.

  • Solicitors instructed

    Once terms are signed, lawyers will be instructed.

  • Lending advice

    Once signed, we will provide further advice on how to utilise your smart funding loan.

  • Completion of loan

    Monies are paid out typically within five days (depending on complexity of security and consents required) from signing the Offer of Terms letter and lawyers instructed.

Are you eligible?
  • Can you secure a loan against your assets?
  • Can you repay the loan within 24 months?
  • Can you demonstrate the value our funding will provide to you and your business?
  • Are you looking for a loan between £100,000-£2,000,000?
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Lending advice

If we lend to you, we’ll provide tailored advice around the transaction and come up with the best payment options for you. If we can’t help, we’ll put you in touch with someone we know can.

Clear transparent pricing

We like to keep things simple - Transparency on all fees guaranteed.

Set Up Fee

2-4% of the loan amount.

Legal Fees

To be paid by the client. A fixed fee agreed at the outset.

Interest Rate

We price on risk from 1.5% a month.

Exit Fee

Dependent on each deal.

Fees and interest

Costs can be rolled into the loan dependent on each deal and exit strategy.

Length of term

Typically 12 months but we can provide loans up to 24 months. We provide unregulated funding.

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