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The 17 Best Property Apps For Landlords In 2021


Property Apps can be a key tool for helping landlords maximise their efficiency. So, what are the best new property apps for landlords to use in 2021? Technology can make our lives easier and decisions more accurate. In this blog, we share with you 17 of the best property apps, websites and services for landlords to use in 2021.



Property Analyser tool.

The StreetCheck website is one of the most well-rounded property analysis websites for landlords. It provides you with a full overview of the value of a property and its surrounding area. Going into detail about topics such as:


  • The trend of housing prices over the past 5 years, average sale values and all of the previous sale prices on a specific street.
  • The make-up of the different types of houses on a street, e.g. how many detached, semi-detached, flats and maisonettes there are in an area.
  • The demographic make-up of property owners on the street: The age make-up, relationship status, percentage that are in managerial roles, labour jobs or unemployed, the main ethnicity of people in the area and their overall health.


property trends, graph, blue lines




Mybuilder.com | Checkatrade.com


Tradesman finder and education tool.

Finding a tradesman you can trust in an area that you are not familiar with is easier said than done. Websites like MyBuilder and Checkatrade.com let you advertise work in areas across the UK. With each tradesman well-vetted and rated by landlords that they have carried out work for before. MyBuilder.com also gives a great indication of what the benchmark prices for various types of property renovations should be. Also featured is an interesting content hub related to building regulation, planning permission walk throughs and development advice.




Floor planning and property design tool.


floorplanapp, 3d floor plan



Planner 5D is a free floor planner app that you can use to design 3D floor plans for your properties. Not only are quality 3D designs more likely to get noticed on property listing websites like Rightmove. It also acts as a great trial and error program. Carefully working out what will be the best possible design for the space that you are working with.


National Landlords Association 


Education and accreditation service.

For those of you who want to become the best landlord they can be, the National Landlords Association offers a variety of different training courses and information for landlords. Holding an accreditation with the NLA is also seen as extremely favourable by some city councils. Often granting you opportunities for discounts on HMO licencing and other areas of property expenses.


The Local Council.Gov Page


Local area information tool.

https://www.leeds.gov.uk/ https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/ https://www.manchester.gov.uk/

https://www.derby.gov.uk/ https://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/ https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/

Lots of events can affect your property’s price and the demand for it. Keeping up to date with the latest changes of roadworks, planning and developments in the area is extremely important. The local council pages can give you access to relevant knowledge for yourself, and tenants, that you can pass on, such as:


  • The core strategy for the local council outlining new policy frameworks.
  • Local neighbourhood development plans.
  • Bin, waste and recycling information.
  • City improvement schemes and roadwork plans.




Eviction service.

Sadly, from time to time, all landlords will get a tenant who does not pay their rent. The legal work behind evicting them can be very tedious and time-consuming. Gathering section 8 and 21 notices and going through the proper procedure can also be confusing for landlords who have not evicted a tenant before. Especially when you have multiple other projects and residencies to handle.

Services like tenanteviction.org will handle the entire eviction process for you. Allowing you to concentrate on providing quality housing.


Google Alerts


Property and location monitoring tool.

Google Alerts is a very powerful tool. It can be extremely beneficial to a landlord if used creatively. Google Alerts will allow you to set alerts for words and phrases that have been in the news or have been posted on the internet. It will then send you an alert and a link to wherever that phrase has been mentioned. For example, if you own a property in a certain area, setting up an alert for the name of the street or town can give you immediate access to new revelations of current events in that area.




Graphic design tool.

If you are advertising a listing, development or investment opportunity. Canva can be a great tool for spreading the word and making it look appealing. It is a free graphic design tool. Providing editable templates for property brochures, posters or graphics that you can redesign to fit your brand. Saving you the cost of hiring an expensive graphic designer.


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Grammar and spell-checking tool.

Landlords in 2021 are using apps every day more than ever. You write hundreds of messages every day and every message sent leaves an impression on the reader. Whether you are speaking to real estate agents, investors or potential tenants, sloppy writing and spelling mistakes are not a good look. Grammarly is a free grammar and spell-checking app, ensuring that all your messages have crisp grammar and not a single word misspelt.


Property Apps – Fing


Wifi monitoring and measuring tool.

What is the most important part of a property? Is it the kitchen, the bathroom or the double-glazed windows? Nope, it is the Wi-Fi! Whether you have grown up as a digital native or had to adapt to the online lifestyle, Wi-Fi will be one of the most important factors of a property and  also a potential source of complaints if it is not working properly. Fing is a Wi-Fi checking app that runs a detailed check of what the Wi-Fi speed is. It also gives you recommendations of the best quality Wi-Fi providers in your area. For properties such as HMOs, where the privacy of your tenants is paramount, it will also run a full check of what devices are connected to Wi-Fi in the property allowing you to ensure that no privacy-evading devices like cameras are set up in a property where they shouldn’t be.


Property Apps – Rightmove | Zoopla | Onthemarket | Plot Finder


Property and land searching apps.

Searching for great properties and patches of land is one of the every day struggles for property investors. Websites and apps like Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket and PlotFinder can give you access to great deals from the comfort of your own home. It will also act as an important tool for advertising your vacant properties.

Aside from being a great property finder, apps like Rightmove also come with great property analysis features providing you with important information such as previously sold house prices and local school Ofsted ratings that can be important to potential tenants.


Property Apps – Ourwatch.org


Crime area analysis tool.

When searching for properties to buy, the crime rate in an area can be an important indication of the quality of that area. So, if you are looking to invest in the most affluent areas of a city, websites like ourwatch.org can give you a great oversight on the crime rate of an area.


Microsoft Lens 


Document scanning app.

Being surprisingly behind with the times, everything to do with property is still mainly paper-based. With access to your printer scanner not always in arms reach. The Microsoft Lens app is a great app for scanning in important documents whilst you are out and about. Concluding the 17 best apps for landlords in 2021.

If you are a landlord and are looking to finance your next, check out our property finance page to see how we could help.

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