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Working Capital Financing

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    Working capital financing is a straightforward solution to short-term expenses. A steady source of cash flow is what keeps the wheels of your business turning. Certain expenses come and go every day, when a large payment falls due, cash flow becomes a little tighter or an opportunity to grow and expand emerges, our working capital finance can help, we can have the money to you within as little as five days.

    Business Capital Finance

    Our short-term business capital finance can help cover the costs of large one-off payments when investing in property, new stock, commercial machinery or other capital intensive opportunities.

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    Stock Finance

    If your business has received a large order or is introducing a new product, we can provide you with the working capital finance you need to pay for the materials, resources and stock in as little as 5 days, without the need to commit to a long-term finance facility.

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    Seasonal Cash Flow Funding

    For businesses where cash flow fluctuates with their seasonal demand, our short-term working capital finance could be the solution to keeping your business finances steady when seasonal shortfalls occur.

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    Asset-Based Finance

    Our asset-based finance solutions can help you leverage your assets to secure fast working-capital finance when you need a quick cash-injection in tight timescales.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is working capital?

    Working capital is the amount of money that a business has available to pay for everyday operations.

    What is working capital financing used for?

    Working capital financing is typically used to support cash flow and pay for immediate business expenses such as:

    • Financing inventory purchases, raw materials and labour costs.
    • Property/facility renovations, repairs and upgrades.
    • Bridging the gap between your immediate operational expenses and a client paying on credit.

    Do you offer working capital advice?

    With every business that we fund we do offer advice on how your working capital funding might best be utilised. Although, if the loan is outside our lending parameters and above £2m, we offer a unique advisory service for businesses looking to obtain large amounts of funding. Detailing the best-suited funders for your working capital requirements.

    What types of working capital finance do we offer?

    We offer working capital finance for a variety of different scenarios such as:

    • Funding commercial property.
    • Funding new inventory and raw materials.
    • Funding to cover a cash-flow gap.
    • Funding commercial machinery and equipment.
    • Funding for business expansion.
    • Funding for unexpected expenses and business emergencies.

    Do you offer working capital loans for businesses with bad credit or previous CCJs?

    We look at every enquiry on a deal by deal basis. We do not have any standard computer algorithms that accept or decline funding enquiries for us; we do this all by hand, in house. Often providing funding to businesses with a good story that have gone through adverse circumstances.

    What is asset-based financing?

    Asset-based finance is a way for businesses to use their assets as security to raise funding.

    Lending Process

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